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About Gord Larose

About NetActive

Netactive was a Digital Rights Management technology company which spun out of Nortel Networks over the late 1990s - officially, in June of 1999. Gord Larose, a DRM consultant and the author of these pages, is one of the founders. The story of NetActive's conception and early years was told this March 2000 Article in Fast Company Magazine.

NetActive developed best-in-class Internet-driven Digital Rights Management technology for both software and media. Their software DRM technology (spearheaded by Gord Larose, the author of these pages), is remarkable in that it was used to protect over 10 million pieces of (physical or downloaded) content, and has never been publicly cracked. Further, NetActive understood early on that a pleasant consumer experience was essential.

Even so, the company was not immune to the excesses of the dot-com bubble. It crashed after a couple of years of growing much more quickly than its newly emerging markets did. The technology has changed hands, and the new company is now dormant.

To be fair, it must be pointed out that even many years later, as far as can be determined publicly, no company has generated a profit by selling PC-based DRM technology, no matter how good it was. (Unless you consider being acquired a profit.) The market still has a bit of catching up to do.

But the world's need for DRM is as real as ever. Considering that millions of dollars were spent, there is a solid portfolio of intellectual property and technology, and that the current owners would probably settle for a very small fraction of the investment to date, it is a great potential acquisition for the right sort of investor.

The company Web Site (which may or may not be up on any given day) is/used to be here.

For current information regarding the company's status, feel free to contact Gord Larose via email.


Remember that your humble scribe worked for NetActive for some time. There may be a bit of bias as a result. However Gord does strive for objectivity, and has no role with what's left of the company.